Profi3DMaker - high precision for big parts

Are you a professional user and need big 3D-printed parts? Then the Profi3DMaker will be the ideal printer for your objects. Its stable aluminum frame and its high-quality guiding elements enable printing with an optimal quality on a large printing area. By using the optional available nozzle with the diameter of 0,3 mm there can be achieved an even better surface quality.

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Technical data of the Profi3DMaker Profi3DMaker

dimensions 700 x 600 x 500 mm
printing area 400 x 260 x 190 mm
slice resolution (z-axis) 0.08 - 0.25 mm
nozzle diameter 0.5 / 0.3 / 0.2 mm (optional)
weight 35 kg
max. printing speed 80 mm/s
max. crossing speed 230 mm/s
max. temperature 250°C
max. achievable precision 0,1 mm /100 mm
power consumption printing bed 180 W
power consumption hot end 40 W
heated printing bed yes
printing material ABS / PLA
software of delivery contents Repetier-Host
data transfer USB, SD-Card
frame stable frame of aluminum profiles