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3Dfactories from Wertheim - the producer of high-quality and well-priced 3D-printers

3Dfactories from Wertheim - the producer of high-quality and well-priced 3D-printersIn 2005 Roland Diehm and Jan Skopik founded the company Aroja s.r.o. with the purpose of producing thermometers, hygrometers and barometers for the German Company Adolf Fenz GmbH. After a period of time Aroja s.r.o  starts to enter new business areas. Due to its reference to the special purpose machinery engineering, and the frequently occurring topic of driving axles and drive engineering in this field, Aroja s.r.o. started to dedicate themselves to the subject of 3D-printers in the beginning of 2012. The first printer was already available in the middle of 2012. This was the start of the brand 3Dfactories. From this time on Arija s.r.o. started to get distributors for many different countries and extended thus its production capacity constantly. The focus of its interest was from the beginning the service and the technical support for the customers.

In April 2016 bought LMB-Factories GmbH in Biberach a.d. Riss, in the South of Germany the brand „3Dfactories“. The Owner and managing Director Hans-Peter Ludwig, his company operates in innovative mechinical engeneering and scheet metal and plastics processing,    has a long-standing experience in mechanical engineering (starts wirth cable labeling machine and ends in machine tool) since 1993.3Dfactories matches excellently to the company portfolio, 3D-press is now icluded to the own long-standing manufacturing processes. At the actual location the development and production will be accomplished central.The aim of Hans-Peter Ludwig is not to sell only printer, he rather is going to concern the wishes and suggestions of his clients to guarantee a permanently optimisation and improvement of the printers and to be successfull in long-term.The development and service attend well-known and well-popular employees of the initial company.3Dfactories is aimed to offer the best service for new and existing customers.