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How does the 3D-print work?

Our printers are working with the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology. Our printers are working with the FFF technology (fused filament technology) The working principle is very easy: The 3D-printer melts a plastic filament and prints it in thin layers in your desired shape.

You can produce almost every object on your own with our Easy3DMaker. There are almost no boundaries set to your imagination.

If you want to design your own 3D model without using an expensive software, we recommend one of many excellent free programs like Google SketchUp, or the open source program Blender.  

The designed 3D-modell can be opened with our software Repetier-Host, which is included in the scope of delivery. With Repetier-Host you generate the G-Code file, which steers and starts the printer. Referring to this you can find a brief documentation in our video gallery.

The quality and the speed of the print interdepend, like on every normal 2D-printer. A higher speed means a less resolution and vice versa. For this reason you can set the favorite slice resolution at our printers and therefore have an influence on the result and the time of the printing.

3D-printers from 3Dfactories process PLA. This is a biocompatible plastic, which is excellently suitable for 3D-printing. You can get further information on www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polylactic_acid. PLA is available in many colors and it can be easily ordered from us. Of course you can also use ABS-filament for printing.

You can find some samples in our online gallery on this website. These samples were all printed on our printers.

We wish you a great time in the endless world of 3D-printing with printers from 3Dfactories.